Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NEW Class - Mixed Media Technique Journal Series with Ly Le

Photo: Hey...look who else is teaching on the 4th Saturday of every month at Remember When!   This awesome mixed media series is back by popular demand and I promise it's the best there is!  And super fun too!  Why not grab a handful of friends and make a "Girl Day" out of it?  Drive up (It's not THAT far...and use the carpool lane!), take some fun classes, have lunch in between, shop at the best scrapbooking store around.  Sound's like a great time, doesn't it? Call (661) 254-7802 and tell Tonya you don't want to miss it!
One of Ly's most requested class series is back and better than ever! It’s my monthly Mixed Media Technique Journal Series. Each month you will learn loads of techniques and DIY tutorials that will focus on a particular medium and all the different ways you can use them in both mixed media and scrapbooking, all while making your own art journaling page. You’ll also receive a kit catered to each month’s topic, and step-by-step instruction sheets that you can store right inside your journal for a quick and easy reference guide. And as usual, the infamous treasure chest, yummy prizes, and delicious snacks accompany all of her classes.

Month 1 – Acrylic Mediums Part I
Month 2 – Acrylic Mediums Part II
Month 3 – Mixed Media Scrapbooking Using Acrylic Mediums
Month 4 – Monoprinting & Print Making
Month 5 – Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft
Month 6 – Mixed Media Scrapbooking Using Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft
Month 7 – Pan Pastels
Month 8 – Mists Demystified
Month 9 – Mixed Media Scrapbooking Using Misting Sprays
Month 10 – Tim Holtz Distress Part I
Month 11 – Tim Holtz Distress Part II
Month 12 – Covers 

Remember When… Scrapbooking
24922 Anza Drive, Unit B
Valencia, CA 91355
Call 661-254-7802 to reserve your spot!

Dates & Time:
Classes will be held from 2-5pm on the fourth Saturday of each month beginning August 24th. So here are the dates: August 24
th, September 28th, October 26th, November 23rd, December 28th, January 25th, February 22nd, March 22nd, April 26th, May 24th, June 28th, and July 26th.

The cost per class is $35 or you can subscribe to a 6-month subscription for $200. There is no obligation to subscribe. However, subscriptions are only available for the first 6-months: 1-6 or the last 6-months: 7-12. Join the series at any time, take only the classes you like, or take them all! Please note: The journal and starter kit is only included in the first month. After that, the journal and starter kit is available for purchase separately, but is not required. 

Supplies Lists:
The supplies list will differ slightly each month depending on what topic or medium is covered that month. I will provide everything you need in class for you to experiment and play, including the lovely treasure chest. I want to give you the opportunity to learn how to use the product in class before you decide to invest in it. So, please don't ever feel that you have to go out and buy something you are not sure you want to invest in yet. However, if you already own the items on the list it would be helpful if you bring them to class so you don't have to wait to share items. With that being said, I will provide two supplies lists… a Basic Supplies List containing supplies that you will need for each and every class and a Monthly Supplies List containing supplies that you will need for that month only.

Basic Supplies List:
  • Apron
  • Art Rag or Paper Towels
  • Baby Wipes
  • Non-Stick Craft Mat
  • Heat Gun
  • 1” Flat Wash Paint Brush
  • Paint Palette, Palette Paper, or Wax Paper
  • Water Container
  • Spray Bottle with Water
  • Make-up Sponges
  • Plastic Card or Scraper (old keycard, etc)
  • Palette Knife
  • Your Favorite Stencils
  • Everyday Texture Items (shelf liner, bubble wrap, etc)
  • Month 1 Starter Kit
Acrylic Mediums

Month 1: Acrylic Mediums Part I – Supplies List:
  • Gesso
  • Gel Medium – Regular Matte
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Markers
  • Paint Brushes: Size 10 or 12 Round, ½” Filbert
  • Bone Folder
  • Empty Mini-Mister
  • Charcoal Pencil

This month we will take closer look at the most common acrylic mediums that have now made their way into the our tool kits such as gesso, gel mediums, fluid matte medium, acrylic paints, and paint markers... What are they? How are they used? Learn how to create image transfers with gel medium and various painting and stenciling techniques. You will leave feeling like an artist! Hope to see you there!