Friday, July 1, 2011

Just A thought :)

Have you taken a class lately?
Did you complete the project?
I'm talking complete with pictures and journaling. Classes are great and there inspiration for future projects. But how many of us take a class and don't complete the project let alone get pictures in them. I'm guilty of both. I will be attending a scrapping retreat in September, and my goal is to finish all of my "unfinished" classes/projects.
Cropping at the store or going on a retreat is a great opportunity to complete these projects. A great advantage, you don't have to bring all of you're supplies, just you're basic tools, all of you're projects should have everything you need in the kit.
So pack light with these hot summer days, get cropping and finish you're projects. Jackie Cleveland sent me pictures of a class project she took of mine. I want to share them with you because she completed the book with journaling & pictures. I think it looks awesome and it is ready to be enjoyed by all who sees it.

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