Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Class: Gypsy 101 Class

By popular demand the Gypsy 101 class is here!

Gypsy 101 Class
Sunday, October 14th 12:30-3:30
Sunday, November 4th 12:30-3:30
Cost: $45.00 pre-paid
Teacher: Liz Mullin

Come and get to know your Gypsy. The Class will cover the basics and beyond.
Learn the basic and advance features.
create templates
merge images
create and save files and so much more.

*Please bring your gypsy with power cords and all the other cables, cricut machine, cutting mat, paper and basic tool kit.
*Please have your gypsy registered, have current version and be able to communicate with your cricut machine. if  you have any questions about this process please email Liz at lizmullen86@gmail.comwith the
         subject line "gypsy class"
*Make sure your gypsy is fully charge, overnight will be great.
*If you haven't linked a cartridge to your gypsy bring one or two to link 

Registration is limited so every student has ample time during class to leave feeling confident with knowledge. Stop by the store or call to register.

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